We may have many standard components, but we don’t have any standard solutions!

We spend workdays to streamlining and optimising conveyor solutions for our customers. So, we can offer you and your business the most intelligent and cost-effective solution. We have many core systems and modules that can be combined to suit your particular needs and requirements, and even exceed them.

A good collaborative partner from the start

The type of conveyor system you need will depend on how heavy the products are, how far they must be transported, whether the different process areas require accumulation in ovens and buffer zones, or whether the products must products be rotated before entering the next workstation. Contact us and together we can find the solution to suit your project and specific requirements.

We also offer a full-service contract

All conveyor systems supplied Conveyor Technique come with a complete installation, operation and maintenance manual (IOM). When you sign a CT service agreement, we are always ready to provide support, advice, and to dispatch spare parts.

F50 and F80 Manually operated conveyors

Manual conveyor systems are used for transporting products suspended on a wagon that is mounted on a C-profile. For larger products, two or more are built together with an underlying crossbar, onto which the products are suspended. 

Max. weight per carrier trolley: F50: 200 kg/F80: 800 kg.

SC Single Conveyor – SU/SD

The single conveyor is designed to transport products undergoing the same process, e.g. painting was designed for transport of products undergoing the same process, e.g. paint curing ovens and drying ovens. The cardan chain runs on a C-profile that can operate both horizontally and vertically. 

SC Single Conveyor SU/SD, max. load: 110 kg.

PF30, PF68, PF80 (Power & Free)

Power & Free conveyor systems combine the cardan chain from a single conveyor with “Free” trolleys carrying loads.

Typical applications are paint lines where products must be transported to different process areas and where accumulation is required in e.g. ovens and buffer zones. This type is also very well suited for assembly lines.

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