At Conveyor Technique, much of our success stems from our company philosophy – no matter what we do, we do it right. Over the years this has resulted in the installation of more than 1,000 conveyor systems in most of the world …

Our solutions are designed to meet your most exacting transportation requirements

Over the years, we have amassed considerable experience and expertise from all areas of the manufacturing and warehousing industries and are able to supply your company with the most intelligent and cost-effective solution to suit your needs.

We base our solutions on standard CT components and also develop custom solutions to suit specific requirements. The size of the conveyor system can range from a minor manual system to a very large automated and PLC controlled conveyor system with many lines, rotations, waiting areas, etc.

Good collaboration ensures an optimal solution

Our engineers and partners (contract managers) collaborate daily with other designers and project managers to optimise the development and implementation of the new conveyor solution. This ensures that installation, assembly and commissioning are coordinated with any other changes to the production or storage line, so the project progresses as smooth as possible.

Proven quality and stringent safety standards

Conveyor Technique supplies assembly lines, storage systems, spray booths, and other solutions even in harsh environments of up to 250° C. Safety is always our priority.

Good service and operational reliability

All CT agents have well-stocked spare parts inventories and highly trained service technicians who are always ready to help. We always provide an installation, operation and maintenance manual (IOM) and, of course, offer a complete service package that minimises the risk of unexpected downtime.


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