Top-notch customer support, available worldwide!

Our competent staff years of experience behind them are ready to assist you with technical issues for all CT systems, ranging from mechanical pre-design, to complicated online debugging and everything in-between.

High quality products ensure production reliability

Our engineering management and project management has its basis in a tried and tested product with excellent product reliability, and extensive know-how. Conveyor Technique’s engineers love challenges and will do everything possible to accommodate your wants and your requirements, and we never compromise when it comes to quality or safety.

From the small-scale manual production line to the large-scale fully automated production line

Our sales staff and engineers are with throughout the entire process, from project development to installation and offer you all the help needed during the different phases. Use our many years of experience with transport systems, and we will design your transport system in the most professional and cost-effective way. Conveyor Technique has agents all over Europe and on the different continents, and they are all ready to design an optimal transport solution for you. We undertake all types of tasks, from the small-scale manual production line, to the large-scale fully automated production line and PLC controlled systems.

We also develop customised solutions

We have developed a large selection of standard CT components and are keen on developing new solutions when the need arises. Choosing Conveyor Technique has many advantages

We operate globally and collaborate locally

Our engineers and collaborative partners (contract managers) work together with other designers and project managers on a daily basis to optimise the development and implementation of the new conveyor system. This ensures that installation, assembly and commissioning are coordinated with any other changes in the production or storage line, so that everything progresses with as few problems as possible.

We offer a complete service package

All conveyor systems supplied by Conveyor Technique come with a complete installation, operation and maintenance manual (IOM). When you sign a CT service agreement, we are always ready to provide support, advice, and to dispatch spare parts.

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