FT350 Power & Free

A floor conveyor system eliminates the need for a steel supporting structure as it is fixed to the existing floor. Floor conveyors are used for assembly lines, paint lines and also in combination with robots. Accessible in Power & Free with accumulation, but also in a more cost-efficient immovable version.

FT350 is comprised of three profiles. The carriage moves through the system in the two upper “Free” profiles. In the underlying “Power” profile, the cardan chain runs through the carrier plates attached in a fixed section. The cost-effective and modular FT350 system is created to specifically meet the customer’s requirements. Chain sharing, capacity, carriage size and accumulation lengths are just a few of the parameters we design to meet our clients’ requirements and wants.

The chain and trolleys are connected by a swivel-type accumulation unit on the carrier trolley. The connection is possible when the accumulation unit remains in the lowest position and can attach itself to the carrier plate on the chain. Front trolleys are released when they arrive at a closed accumulation stop/buffer stop or a rear carrier trolley on a parked carriage in front of them. The accumulation unit will pivot upwards and be released from the carrier plate. The FT350 system is powered by one or more electrically controlled drives. The system can be designed with several different chain systems and junctions for conveyors to guide the trolleys to many different destinations. This ensures optimal flexibility.

FT350 is easy to maintain

The FT350 accumulation stops have a minimum of movable parts and are therefore easy to maintain. The accumulation system and the accumulation stops ensure that the trolleys are immediately released from the cardan chain, which allows them to remain “parked” in a 30°, 45°, 60°, 90° or 120° buffer storage system or in linear rows.

An encoding system enables the individual carrier trolley to activate junctions for conveyors etc., and the control system ensures that the carrier trolley passes through the selected process area to the correct stop/buffer space. If these functions are important to you and also for your production line, then FT350 just might be the right solution for you.

FT350, max. load per carrier trolley: 200 kg.


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